CHROMA: Red Issue


CHROMA: Red Issue – A curatorial experiment comprised of a variety of mediums by international artists.

Artists exhibiting are Madeleine Bates, Maya Busby, Justine Cal, Robert Caspary, Patricia Azevedo & Clare Charnley, Henry Day, Lenka Davidikova, Marianne Denning, Stathis Dimitriadis, Simin Eivazi, Susan Fletcher, Sophie Giller, Angelique Heidler, Lindsay Hill, Harriotte Hodson, Chris Holley, Sara Ivone, Jillian Knipe, Silvia Lerin, Andy Mauery, Clementine McGaw, Frances Muldoon, Molly Okell, Maria-Priska Ondrich, Sarah Kenikie Palmer, Alia Pathan, Klaus Pinter, Duncan Poulton, Hagai Ptashnik, Pietro Reviglio , Tania Robertson, Alice Romily, Chloe Rose, Alexandra Searle, Ian Segrave, Aphra Shemza, Neil Shirreff, Sean Synnuck, Swati, Emma Vakarelova, Sintija Vikmane, Daniel Wechsler, Rebecca Young.

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