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Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer’s Paintings Explore The Banality Of TV

Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer‘s paintings explore a subject we talk about endlessly yet very rarely examine. Television. Hardly a day goes by when we don’t make some remark about the latest programme we’re watching or tune into some self important TV critic pontificating on one media device or another…”

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The Creative Outlet


Creative Outlet
20 October – 23 December 2014
UAL Showroom

The Creative Outlet is an annual showcase of exciting emerging and established talent, selling unique seasonal gift ideas ranging from innovative jewellery design to contemporary interior products. The original works on display can all be bought directly from the exhibitors through their online shops, and at our festive pop-up shop on 4 December 2014.

Exhibitors: Alex Burgess, Amanda Tong, Anshu Hu, Augusta Akerman, Camilla Brueton, Celia Dowson, Charlotte Day, David Bennett, Edyta Slabonska, Emi Dixon, Emily Carter, Emma Alington, Evdokia Savva, Finchittida Finch, Gaurab Thakali, Jungeun Han, Kolin and William, Nao Creative, Observatory Place, Reiko Kaneko,  Richard McDonald, Rob Halhead-Baker, Robbie Porter, Rolfe&Wills, Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer, Soo Kim, Sylvia Moritz and YU Square.

Art Graduates Prize

The exciting news of the day is that my painting “Cooking” has been shortlisted for the Works in Print Art Graduates Prize. Really honoured to be included – the other works are all stunning!

The exciting news of yesterday is that my painting “The Dive” has been featured on Saatchi Art in the Original Works Under $1000 and Under Collection.