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Glossary at Safehouse 1 with AFTER Projects


Harry Bland, Lovers Mouth, 2016

Paula Baader   Gala Bell   Harry Bland   Dickon Drury   Jadé Fadojutimi

Qingzhen Han   Connie Harrison   Manuel Mathieu   Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer   Clare Price

 Lucy Smallbone   Christopher Stead    Mircea Teleaga

Where to begin with painting and its long and twisting history? Resuscitated and re-murdered so frequently, it might be forgiven its zombified demeanour – no more than skin and mystery.

Treating painting as a personal, private language of which we can only catch glimpses, After presents: Glossary.

Glosses, from the Greek, tongues.  A list of terms and definitions for the difficult and the unusual.

Thirteen painters.


Thursday 29th September 2016, 6pm-9pm

Safehouse 1, 139 Copeland Road, London, SE15 3SN

Artist Talk, Hosted By Jon Sharples,

Co-Chair of the Simmons & Simmons Art Network

Saturday 1st October 2016, 4.30pm-6pm

Gallery Hours: Friday 30th September to Sunday 2nd October, 12pm-6pm.



Scribe & Chime @ Omnibus


Thursday 2nd June – let us excite your senses in Clapham with an eclectic range of visual and sound art. Scribe & Chime are proud to present their first event at Omnibus that will showcase a dynamic range of work by emerging creative talent from across London.

You will view contemporary portraiture, landscape photography and theatrical costumes whilst accompanied by the acoustic sounds of folk, blues, soul and indie.

Tickets are £5 -

See on Facebook -

CHROMA: Red Issue


CHROMA: Red Issue – A curatorial experiment comprised of a variety of mediums by international artists.

Artists exhibiting are Madeleine Bates, Maya Busby, Justine Cal, Robert Caspary, Patricia Azevedo & Clare Charnley, Henry Day, Lenka Davidikova, Marianne Denning, Stathis Dimitriadis, Simin Eivazi, Susan Fletcher, Sophie Giller, Angelique Heidler, Lindsay Hill, Harriotte Hodson, Chris Holley, Sara Ivone, Jillian Knipe, Silvia Lerin, Andy Mauery, Clementine McGaw, Frances Muldoon, Molly Okell, Maria-Priska Ondrich, Sarah Kenikie Palmer, Alia Pathan, Klaus Pinter, Duncan Poulton, Hagai Ptashnik, Pietro Reviglio , Tania Robertson, Alice Romily, Chloe Rose, Alexandra Searle, Ian Segrave, Aphra Shemza, Neil Shirreff, Sean Synnuck, Swati, Emma Vakarelova, Sintija Vikmane, Daniel Wechsler, Rebecca Young.

Update to website

Long overdue, but I’ve just uploaded images of new paintings from the 2nd half of 2014 up until now. 2015 has been a difficult year, transitioning from completing my degree to having a full time job. Things having settled down a bit now and I have high hopes for the rest of the year and the start of 2016!

Affordable Art Fair 3pm Emerging Artists and the Art Market

Saturday 13 June

3pm Emerging Artists and the Art Market
Made in Arts London introduce their exhibition of work by University of the Arts London students and recent graduates. Hear directly from some of the artists involved, and discover why it’s important, exciting, and vital to the art market to support emerging artists.

The six MiAL artists who will be discussing their work during the talk are:
Alexander Devereux
Olly Fathers
Peihang Huang
Sarah Kenikie Palmer
Annalaura Masciave
Fiona Masterton

Tangible Existence at the Affordable Art Fair

Tangible Existence

This year MiAL have selected a group of artists to exhibit at  whose work reflects upon everyday aspects of life. Whether it be the environment, experiences, or the physical foundations of our world; each of these artists encourage their audience to further examine the fundamentals of life which may otherwise be forgotten or ignored.

If you are attending the fair and would like to find out more about Made in Arts London and the support they offer to their emerging artists, you can attend a talk at Affordable Art Fair on Saturday 13th June at 3pm to hear them introduce their exhibition of work by University of the Arts London students and recent graduates; hear directly from some of the artists involved, and discover why it’s important, exciting, and vital to the art market to support emerging artists.

See the full list of Made in Arts London exhibiting artists here!

Book tickets for the fair here!


event Maps-31

07 May 2015 – 16 May 2015

There has always been a need to evaluate, quantify and rationalise our understanding of the world and indeed, the universe around us. Today we have sophisticated means to map subtle changes in real-time not only our complex ever-shifting world but also the inner world of the human physical and mental condition.
The group show ‘Maps’ reflects this obsession; responding to the here and now, and exploring ways of representing the spatial, cultural and personal.

Scene’s upcoming exhibition explores work from artists, designers and architects in various media and with varying interpretations of the brief. The exhibition will run alongside a programme of talks, workshops and events exploring the importance of mapping to creative disciplines, and its relevance to our culture today.

The exhibition will be held at 70 Paul Street, London EC2A 4NA, 7th – 16th May 2015.

List of artists:

Alma-nacAnna FafaliouAndy BoltonCandide citò AliceCatriona RobertsonCristina Antonellierect architectureEva Rudlinger; Max R+I Group at Max FordhamMita SolankyRebecca D Harris; Sarah ‘Kenikie’ PalmerSo-Ha Au; and Susannah Bradley.

– Friday 8th May 6 – 8pm

– Saturday 9th May 11-2pm

– Monday 11th May 6 – 8pm

Mapping for the Real World – Thursday 14th May 6 – 8pm

Capsule at Embassy Tea Gallery


Wednesday 8th April – Sunday 12th April
Embassy Tea Gallery, 195-205 Union Street, London, SE1 0LN


from Made in Arts London

Opening Times:
Wednesday – Saturday: 10 – 6pm
Sunday: 11 – 6pm

Private View: Wednesday 8th April, 6-9pm
RSVP Here:

Made in Arts London presents ‘Capsule’ our third annual independent exhibition showcasing art and design from UAL students and recent graduates. A curated collection of site specific creations, limited editions, fine art, design, video & performance pieces will be exhibited, including Made in Art London’s latest Spring/Summer 2015 Collection chosen by Kathleen Soriano, Dominic Wilcox and Natalie Brett.

‘Capsule’ is an exhibition celebrating the journey of our artists as they work towards their careers as creative practitioners, and the journey of Made in Arts London in supporting them to do so. All the work on display will be available for sale, offering a unique platform to collect affordable art and design pieces from some of the emerging stars of London’s art scene, and the next generation of artists.

Performance Evening: Thursday 9th April, 6-8pm
Screening Morning: Saturday 11th April, 11-1pm
MiAL Talk: Emerging Artists – Navigating the Art World: Saturday 11th April, 3-5pm

For further information or to register your interest in any of the events above, email

Exhibiting Artists:

Adriana Krawcewicz, Alex Wood, Alexander Devereux, Anastasija Pudane, Anita Chowdry, Annalaura Masciave, Aphra O’Connor, Arnaud Meneroud, Bart Hajduk, Cally Lathey, Charlotte Whitehead, Chloe Hope King, Christopher John Simpson, Conall McAteer, Deniz Paran, Dimitri Yin, Dominika Świerad, Egor Kraft, Elizabeth Mackintosh, Emily Carter, Fiona Masterton, Fredrik Andersson, Fru Kenworthy-Browne, Helen Wilson, Imogen Parry, Inga Loyeva, Isabella Pagnotta, Isabelle Mattern, James Rogers, Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, Jessica Proctor, Jessica Windhorst, Joseph Jackson, Katy Binks, Klaus is Koming, Lara Drnovsek, Laura Aldous, Leonid Dementiev, Libby Heaney, Lisa Hall, Liz Nehdi, Maggie Jingyun Shu, Meiko Kikuta, Mette Sterre, Miranda Sofroniou, Monica Alcazar-Duarte, Moonjung Song, Naomi Takeda, Olga Krasanova, Olly Fathers, Pamm Hong, Patcharakan (Mai) Vongprasert, Robbie Porter, Ronnie Chen, Rowan Ottesen, Saachi Mehta, Sabrina Shah Hakim, Saffie Pluck, Sarah Fortais, Sarah ‘Kenikie’ Palmer, Simon Peters, Sylvia Moritz, Tess Williams, Victoria Batt, Ximena Escobar and Yana Zino.

POP LIVING at Schwartz Gallery


Conceptual Pop. Conceptual Living. Pop Living invites artists to submit work that builds on ideas of ‘pop’ thinking in art and culture; the re/production of culture and living mediated through technology and advertising is captured in a constant techno-documentation of society and the self. The hyper-real and contemporary constructions of living come together in a celebrity-fuelled world of sleek design and fictional future-spaces. Pop Living invites artists working with wall based work to respond to concepts of contemporary living, hyper-reality and transmitted spaces.

Private View:
Wednesday 11th February 2015, 6 – 8.30 p.m

Exhibition dates: 11/02/15 – 28/02/2015

Opening Hours: Thursday – Saturday 1 – 6 p.m or by appointment.

John McGrath (UK)
Alison Goodyear (UK)
Alun Rhys Jones (UK)
Anna Kolosova (UK)
Boaz Sides Aka Untay (ISR)
Caroline Derveaux-Berté (UK)
César Piette (FRA)
Chantal Gillingham (UK)
Cheryl Papasian (UK)
Daniel Bourke (UK)
Ed Simpson (UK)
Emily Motto (UK)
Evguenia Jokhova (UK)
Ewa Obrochta (POL)
Fausto Sanmartino (UK)
Fernando León-Guiu (MEX)
Hannah Weatherhead (UK)
Hyojin Kim (UK)
Ingrid Ung (GER)
Ismail Erbil (UK)
Jack Sutherland (UK)
Jaeyeon Yoo (UK)
James Gilna (IRE)
James Petrucci (UK)
Jayoung Lee (SKOR)
Jennii Booth (UK)
Jorge Mansilla (AUS)
Julia Keenan (UK)
Katherine Lubar (UK)
Keh Hui Ng (UK)
Kimvi Nguyen (UK)
Kirsty McKenzie (UK)
Kristina Butigan (UK)
Laura Fowle (UK)
Laura Green (UK)
Liz Barile-Page (UK)
Marc Heaton (UK)
Mark Lungley (UK)
Mark Siebert (UK)
Marta Corada (UK)
Matt Gee (UK)
Matthew Sutton (UK)
Mike Fell (UK)
Nicolas Vionnet (SWI)
Nicole Weisz (UK)
Noel Hensey (IRE)
Paco de Quesada (UK)
Patrick Michalopoulos (UK)
Paul Smith (UK)
Raquel Garin (UK)
Rashell George (USA)
Robert Hitzeman (UK)
Robert Walker (UK)
Rupert Hartley (UK)
Russell Miller (UK)
Sarah Kenikie Palmer (UK)
Soledad Bustos (UK)
Steve Pettengell (UK)
Steven Harris (UK)
Tony Rickaby (UK)
Tyler Mallison (UK)
Wilfrid Wood (UK)

Schwartz Gallery, Schwartz Wharf: 92 White Post Lane,
Ground floor, Building 2, London, E9 5GU

Nearest Train Station: Hackney Wick Overground Station

Buses: 26, 388, 339, 276, 30, S2, 236.